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Executive Chef Daniele Turco

The roots of Executive Chef Daniele Turco’s cuisine lie in the culinary heritage of his native Veneto region and combine with cosmopolitan touches from various experiences abroad. A man of countless innovations and enormous vision, Chef Turco's motto is: "To combine without ever covering up". This means the singular flavors of the fish, meat or vegetables are presented with condiments and sauces surrounding them so guests can choose to merge them as they wish.
- Chef Daniele Turco

His Philosophy

Chef Turco's gastronomy is rooted to Venetian heritage and while it celebrates the Lagoon’s culinary tradition, it looks towards the future. Extensive travel, stints working abroad in locations as diverse as Malta, Sicily, Turkey, and Morocco, and experiences in world- class restaurants have led to him to incorporate new gastronomic stimuli into his repertoire. His choice comes naturally to incorporate exotic touches into the cuisine of one the most renowned places in Venice, a city which for centuries has been, and continues to be, a crossroads of stories, people, cultures and ideas.
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